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There are many types of sealants available today. Many are low grade – low quality which can be used on some concrete situations when appearance over time is not a concern. This undesirable result will progressively look worst over time. This results because of improper cleaning, substandard sealer, substandard application process. See concrete sealer issues

Benefits of letting us do it for you!

Let us do the dirty work, spare yourself the headaches…

  • No purchasing,transporting and storing hazardous chemicals.
  • No purchasing, transporting and storing highly flammable chemicals.
  • No overpaying because you had to buy more chemicals than you needed for your project.
  • No need for properly disposing of any remaining hazardous chemicals.
  • No accidents with hazardous or flammable chemicals.
  • No need to buy respirators or eye goggle and gloves.
  • Schedule a free quote now for the Spring, Summer or Fall!No need to go buy the proper nozzles and expensive concrete cleaning equipment to facilitate proper surface preparation before concrete sealing or resealing concrete with a quality product and sound application process.
  • No Physical labor, or guessing if what you did (prep work) was adequate (?) and, are you comfortably to move to the next step, hope for a great end result that will last. Improper concrete cleaning/degreasing/prep work will result in delamination. (sealer bonding fails to bond to surface)
  • No skin, eye or respiratory protection necessary (if we do it) in step two and possibly step 3. Additional equipment purchase-expensive!
  • No stress if something goes wrong during the initial concrete cleaning or concrete resealing application process.
  • No stress of paying more for a qualified concrete contractor to undo what you did and redo. Very expensive!
  • No frustration-we do it right the first time and we save you money, time and frustration. By the way, we’re experienced and insured.
  • Again, please check our concrete cleaning and concrete sealing pricing page, if you haven’t at this point. Then call us to get your cleaning and/or sealing project scheduled for the Spring and Summer!

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